Article of the Royal Blog of Paris Match devoted to Les Souliers de Monsieur

As in the time of the Sun King at Versailles

Comme au temps du roi Soleil à Versailles

Chromolithographie nineteenth century depicting Louis XIV with red heels in 1700 (bottom left) – Portrait of Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud in 1701 (right)

Within one month of the holiday season, the Royal Blog of Paris Match tells you the story of the red buckles heels trendy to Sun King’s court at Versailles. Launched by Philippe of Orleans said “Sir,” the brother of Louis XIV, these shoes have inspired a limited edition model of our partner the new French brand De Lautrémont, including a pair to win the Royal Blog Facebook page.

Have you noticed that on his famous portrait with the coronation robes painted by Hyacinthe Rigaud and preserve in the Louvre Museum in Paris, Louis XIV wrapped in his cloak trimmed with ermine and fleurdelisé wearing heel shoe … red? Such shoes were trendy in the Sun King’s court at Versailles where men, the sovereign head, had passed this way since “Monsieur” -that’s how we called Philippe d’Orléans, the younger brother the monarch- had launched it.

Red heels, from the Boucherie du Chatelet to the court of Versailles

Admittedly issue look Philippe of Orleans was always at the forefront. Since childhood, his mother Anne of Austria, Louis XIII’s widow, and the counselor of the latter Cardinal Mazarin had led him, in spite of himself, to be interested in fashion. Fearing he would become a political obstacle to its big brother ascended the throne of France at the age of 5 years, they had in fact decided to elevate him as a daughter to take him away from power. Surrounded by women, young Philip was well dressed in robes, adorned with ribbons and earrings, makeup, perfumed. What to bring him at an early age to develop a high sensitivity to fine clothing, both male and female.

As an adult, “Sir” who had a taste for finery, lace and other frills retained the habit of dressing up, especially during masked balls and other carnivals. True fashionista early, Philippe was not an extravagance close. For example, it tells of a day when he had ventured near the Boucherie du Châtelet in Paris where at the time they killed the animals for consumption by letting their blood flow in neighboring streets, he noticed that his heels were stained with the blood. The prince found it very chic and therefore decided to tint the heels of his shoes in red. Fashion was launched. It was quickly adopted by the king himself and his courtiers, and by the nobility in general and other European courts.

The French brand De Lautrémont launches his model  “Souliers de Monsieur” in a limited collection

The French Revolution will sign the disappearance of the red-heeled shoes for men, too tied to the aristocracy became public enemy No. 1. More than two centuries later, they raised up the time of a limited collection of the French shoemaker De Lautrémont which opened in November its first store at 191 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the 8th arrondissement in Paris. This young brand, launched in May 2015 by e-commerce, chose to enroll in the long French tradition of fine shoes for men, adding to the expertise of the quality shoe a touch of fantasy by introducing touches color. And what better way to anchor in the history of the French shoe back in time with this very original model inspired by the famous feet of “Sir”, arbiter of elegance at the court of his brother King Sun. In gold buckle decorated with rhinestones and heel in shades of red, it exists only 19 pairs.