“Les Souliers de Monsieur”, a unique creation De Lautrémont

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Inspired by old fashion shoes with a buckle in the middle, De Lautrémont offers a singular model that recalls the time of the court of Versailles.
This model, called “Les Souliers de Monsieur”, remember the shoes of the Versailles of Louis XIV with his red heel (idea of Mr. King’s brother), and buckles in the middle.



The will of the brand De Lautrémont is to rehabilitate traditional French style in beautiful shoes. This is why all models reconnect with finesse in their shape and have a touch of color under the sole and back of the shoe. But that will not stop it and that is how the brand recreated models with a buckle in the middle.
To prolong the originality and rarity of that shoe, De Lautrémont offers a golden buckle with rhinestones on each side.


It could not be more distinguished when your big events to marry your regalia.
Careful, this model is available in ultra-limited edition, 19 pairs only produced for 2015.

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